Registration Aircraft Details
C-GZWI C-152 II Garmin 175 GPS, NAV/COM/C
C-GYVU C-152 II Garmin 250 GPS, NAV/COM/C
C-GUJS C-172 Skyhawk Garmin 250 GPS, Standard Tanks
C-GXMF C-172 Skyhawk Garmin 430 GPS, IFR Trainer, Standard Tanks
C-GFTY C-172 Skyhawk Garmin 430 GPS + Dual G5, IFR Trainer, Long Range Tanks
C-FLHN C-172 N Garmin 650 GPS, Long Range Tanks, 160HP
C-FZXM PA-23 Apache Garmin 430 GPS, IFR Twin Trainer

Costs / Payment Terms

Costs vary depending on the amount of time you are able to devote to training. It has been proven that a student who is able to fly often, and consistently, is more likely to complete the licence requirements in less time (and therefore cost) than someone who flies infrequently. See “Requirements” for individual programs.

Lessons are designed to fit your schedule and budget. Payment is due at the end of each flight. Ground school classes and materials are prepaid. The St. Thomas Flight Centre accepts debit cards, major credit cards (No AMEX), personal cheques, and cash.

Please note the prices are listed below are for St. Thomas.

Cessna 152 $175/hr + HST (13%)
Cessna 172 $194/hr + HST (13%)
Piper Apache PA 23-160 $356/hr + HST (13%)
Elite Flight Simulator $75/hr + $75/hr (Dual only) + HST (13%)
Instructor Rate $75/hr  or $85/hr (class 1 instruction) + HST (13%)
Introductory Flight* C152 $116 + HST or C172 $130 + HST (13%)
Sight Seeing Flight (1/2hr)  $140 + HST (13%)
*Limit one per customer