Commercial Pilot Licence


  1. Must be 18 years for the issue of the Licence

Medical Fitness

  1. Applicant must hold a Category 1 medical


  1. Applicant must hold a Private Pilot Licence
  2. An applicant shall have completed a minimum of 200 hours flight time in aeroplanes, of which a minimum of 100 hours shall be pilot-in-command time including 20 hours cross-country pilot-in-command flight time
  3. Applicant shall have completed 65 hours of commercial pilot flight training with a minimum of:
  4. (A) 35 hours dual instruction flight time including
  5. (i) 5 hours cross country
  6. (ii) 5 hours night, including a minimum of 2 hours of cross-country flight time
  7. (iii) 20 hours of instrument flight time
  8. (B) 30 hours solo flight time including
  9. (i) 25 hours solo flight time emphasizing the improvement of general flying skills of the applicant which shall include a cross-country flight to a point of a minimum of 300 nautical mile radius from the point of departure and shall include a minimum of 3 landings at points other than that of departure
  10. (ii) 5 hours solo flight time by night.


  1. Applicant must obtain not less than 60% on Transport Canada exam (CPAER)
  2. Applicant shall have completed 80 hours of ground school and 100 hours flight time prior to writing exam


  1. Applicant must pass a flight test with a pilot examiner
  2. Applicant must have completed 150 hours of flight training prior to admission to flight test


  1. The holder of a Commercial Pilot Licence may
  2. (a) exercise the privileges of a Private Pilot Licence
  3. (b) exercise the privileges of a VFR OTT rating
  4. (c) while engaged in providing a commercial air service act as pilot-in-command


  1. Instructor $75 /hour
  2. Cessna 152 $175/hour


Ground school + directed self study 300.00
Books and supplies 100.00
Pre-flight briefings 12 hours 900.00
Dual Instruction C152 – 35 hours 8,750.00
Solo practice C152 – 30 hours 5,400.00
Solo build-up time C152 – 70 hours ~ 12,250.00
CPL Licence Application 200.00
Written exam 125.00
Flight test ** 800.00
Medical Exam CAT 1 300.00
College Tuition 800.00
TOTAL: $29,925.00

~ Assumes 65 hours flight time accumulated from PPL. If student has acquired a greater number of hours, these may be deducted from the required build-up time.

** Includes Transport Canada processing fee, pilot examiner fee, aircraft rental

% Includes ECG, CAME exam, Transport Canada processing fee

NOTE: All instruction satisfies Canadian Aviation Regulations minimum requirements and is only an estimate. Taxes 13% HST extra.

Prices as of January 2023