Next Ground School Starts: September 6, 2017 (Sorry Wednesday Fall Class is FULL)

Due to overwhelming demand we are adding an additional Fall class. Class starts TUESDAY Oct 3, 2017 (Tuesdays 7-10 pm) contact us for details.

Future Ground School Start Dates: January 2018 and May 2018

Wednesdays 7-10pm

Date Subject Instructor
Week 1 Introduction – Pilot Licencing Human Factors / Pilot Decision Making
Week 2 Airframes, Engines, Systems
Week 3 Theory of Flight
Week 4 Flight Instruments
Week 5 Meteorology – Theory
Week 6 Meteorology – Air Masses, Fronts
Week 7 Meteorology – Hazardous Weather/Time Zones
Week 8 Meteorology – Reports and Forecasts
Week 9 Airlaw & CARS
Week 10 Airlaw & Airspace
Week 11 Flight Operations, Performance Charts, Weight & Balance
Week 12 Navigation – Introduction, Flight Computer, Practical Meteorology
Week 13 Cross-Country Planning
Week 14 Cross-Country Planning
Week 15 Navigation – Instruments and Aids

Call 1-888-705-7787 (Toll Free) or e-mail: to register for Fall Ground School offered at the St. Thomas Flight School at the St.Thomas Municipal Airport. Cost of the Course is $400 including HST and Ground School supplies approx $265 plus HST

It is STRONGLY recommended that you plan to write your exam within a couple of weeks of finishing ground school. In order to be admitted to the exam you must have a valid aviation medical and have completed a minimum of 10 hours flight time.