Flight Instructor Rating


  1. Applicant must hold a valid Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot Licence, and have acquired not less than 20 hours instrument time, to commence training for the Class 4 Instructor Rating
  2. An applicant shall have successfully completed the written exam and flight test for the Commercial Licence before commencing ground training for the Class 4 Instructor Rating
  3. An applicant shall compete a minimum of 30 hours dual flight instruction of which a minimum of 5 hours training shall be in the teaching of instrument flight skills. 5 hours can be done on a Flight Training Device (sim time).
  4. A minimum of 25 hours of ground instruction


  1. Applicant must shall have obtained a minimum of 70% on Transport Canada exam (AIRAF)


  1. Applicant shall complete a flight test in accordance with flight test standards (TP5537)


  1. The holder may conduct dual flight instruction in respect to the issuance of a licence or rating


  1. Instructor $65 /hour
  2. Cessna 152 – aircraft $99/hour (Cessna 172 – S120/hour)
  3. Cessna 152 – fuel $33/hour (Cessna 172 – S37/hour)

Private Career College Costs

25 hours ground instruction 1625.00
Preflight briefings / tutorials 10 hours 650.00
Dual Instruction C152 -30 hours
         Aircraft 2970.00
         Fuel 990.00
         Instructor 1950.00

Private Career College Recovery

Enrollment fee 1000.00
Sub-Total: $9,185.00

Written Exam / Flight Test

Written exam TC fee 35.00
Flight test ** 800.00
TOTAL: $10,020.00

** Includes Transport Canada processing fee, aircraft rental for flight to Transport Canada CYHM, Transport Canada flight test, administration

NOTE: All instruction satisfies Canadian Aviation Regulations minimum requirements and is only an estimate. N.B. There is no HST on ratings on a CPL


Prices as of January 2017