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Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005 -  #103072

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Learn to Fly!

St. Thomas Flight Centre

We fulfill dreams whether you want to fly recreationally or become a Commercial Pilot.

The St. Thomas Flight Centre provides personalized, professional flight training in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our mature, dedicated, career Flight Instructors offer you a diverse range of flight experience. 

Established in 1996, the St. Thomas Flight Centre offers flight training from the Recreational Pilot Permit through to Commercial Pilot Licence and Multi-Engine Instrument Ratings. The Flight Centre  has been granted "Private Career College" status by the Provincial Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities under the Private Career Colleges act, 2005, providing complete training of Commercial Pilots and Flight Instructors.

Whether you are interested in flying recreationally or choose aviation as a career, the flight school can assist you in achieving your goals.  A flight training program will be customized to suit your schedule.  Three Class 1 Instructors are available to teach the Flight Instructor Rating and tail wheel checkouts are also available.

The airport is located on Highway # 3, 4km east of Highbury Ave., just 15 minutes south of Highway # 401. Easily accessible, it provides an uncongested flight training environment. School offices are located in the main terminal building and ground school classes are held on site.  


"Flight training was, and is, the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever done. While obtaining my Private Pilot Licence at the St. Thomas Flight Centre, not only did I learn to fly, but met many interesting and friendly people."
Dan LeClare
Private Pilot, Canada

"Thanks to everyone at St. Thomas airport, I had a wonderful experience and a huge sense of achievement getting my pilotís licence. Everybody greeted me with a very warm welcome and put me at ease. The instructors are extremely professional and I always ended a flying lesson with a sense of progress and wishing it was time for the next one."
"This is a very clean and friendly part of Canada and I was able to stretch my British pound a very long way. I was surprised to find the climate in this part of Canada warmer than the UK which often provided uninterrupted flying conditions during the summer months. Ten minutes south of the airport is the small town of Port Stanley with a great little sandy beach on the edge of Lake Erie - itís a great place to relax."
Andrew Sage
Private Pilot, United Kingdom

"Customer-oriented, professional, friendlyÖ. These words describe my flight training experience with the St. Thomas Flight Centre.   The St. Thomas airport is a great place to learn to fly. It has three runways and is close to radio navigation facilities for instrument training."
Dave Rawlings
Commercial Pilot, Canada

"Thank you for all your help!  If it wasn't for you guys I would never have been able to do it!"
Steve Jones
Private Pilot, Cayman Islands

"The St. Thomas Flight Centre has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  Larger schools can often be consumed with your money and not your needs.  Coming from an island in excess of 4,000 miles away, and being greeted with friendly smiles and being included, made my home sickness much more bearable.  The Flight Centre staff and competent and professional instructors went the extra mile and provided an excellent source of knowledge and experience that greatly broadened my flight training."
"Flight training in Canada provided the ideal environment to experience every type of weather condition a pilot could encounter.  This I found a most invaluable bonus.  It also proved to be much cheaper than flying in the States."
"The airport (CYQS) is a brilliant choice of flight training facilities.  Large and spacious as an international airport, but uncontrolled, allowing the pilot more manoeuvrability and freedom.  I think it is ideal."
Keryl-Mark Williams
Commercial Pilot, Trinidad

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